16 People Who Need To Take A Class Called "How To Load A Dishwasher"

1.This person who puts knives in with the blade up:

2.And this person who puts dishes in right side up:

3.This person who dropped everything into the rack:

4.This person who puts plants in the dishwasher:

5.And this person who puts hats in the dishwasher WITH dirty dishes (like, I know this is a thing, but I can taste the sweat on the cup just thinking about it):

6.This person who lays dishes on top of each other:

7.This person who thinks dolls can be washed with plates:

8.This person who stacks dishes vertically:

9.And this person who stacks the dishes indefinitely:

10.This person who doesn’t realize plates go sideways:

11.This person who puts plates in the opposite way of bowls:

12.This person who just lays lids on top of the prongs:

13.This person who uses the wrong soap:

14.And this person who uses WAY TOO MUCH of the wrong soap:

15.This person who can’t be bothered to even put the silverware holder right side up:

16.And this person who doesn’t rinse out the dishes before putting them in:

Take a deep breath and love the person, not their dishwasher skills!!!

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Ha! I so clearly remember an argument I had with my college roommate over how to load the dishwasher… It was my first glimpse into the fact that not everyone loaded the dishwasher the same way (seriously? Not everyone loads back to front and in an organized fashion?! this *rocked* my world) I think it was also my first step toward becoming slightly less Type A. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fairly Type A, maybe like a Type A-, but significantly less so. I’ve learned to let go of some the things that just don’t matter, like loading the dishwasher from back to front… the world won’t end if it’s not totally full and 100% maximized in space…!! ????? #thanksmom #idiosyncrasies #typeA #dishwasherproblems #valentines #valentinesday #february14 #rpsvalentines

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