‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3 Isn’t Entirely Out Of The Question, According To The HBO President

The Season 2 finale of Big Little Lies left a lot up in the air. The main takeaway, however, is just one major question: Is the show really over? The answer is actually a bit complicated. If there’s a good storyline, HBO will bring Big Little Lies back for Season 3, according to a new Deadline report. However, it sounds like nothing is set in stone yet.

Season 2 just ended on July 21, but there’s already curiosity about the future of the show, which HBO programming president Casey Bloys addressed during the HBO TCA on Wednesday, per Deadline. He left the door wide open with this very vague trope: "Never say never." Then he explained where he was coming from. Bloys began,

And that Season 1 finale was very shocking. Some spoilers ahead for Season 1 and 2. The women in the cast defended Celeste Wright, played by Nicole Kidman, from her abusive husband Perry Wright, Alexander Skarsgard’s role during Season 1 and in flashback scenes during the second season. After attempts to pull Perry and Celeste apart, Zoe Kravitz’s character Bonnie Carlson pushed him down the elementary steps, which resulted in his immediate death.

With no witnesses around during that climactic moment, there was a very obvious need to move forward while the Monterey police attempted to unravel the mystery. Conversely, Bloys doesn’t believe that’s quite the case following the Season 2 finale. He began, "To me on the face of it, there’s no obvious place to go." Everything seemed to wrap pretty neatly. Ultimately, the Monterey Five went to the police station in a united front. It felt like it could have been the conclusion to the series as a whole, not just a season finale.

However, Bloys does think it’s possible for the Big Little Lies team to put something together to justify greenlighting a Season 3. Bloys said at the TCA, per Deadline, "This is an extraordinary group of actors and producers, and if they said, ‘we have the greatest take,’ I’d listen to them. I’d be open."

It’s worth noting that Bloys previously called a Season 3 "not realistic" in a recent interview with TVLine, but of course, things change. And it does sound like his mindset may have shifted. Sure, there isn’t a major mystery like the lie leading into the Season 2 premiere, but there are some unanswered questions to explore if the show returns. Will Merly Streep’s Mary Louise Wright stick around after she lost the custody case to Celeste? She did pay for that apartment in Monterey, after all.

And those aren’t the only things that need answers. Will Madeline and Ed Mackenzie get their marriage on track after their vow renewal? Or are they doomed? Will Bonnie and Nathan Carlson split up after she told him that she "never loved" him following her mother’s death? It would be tough to move forward after that, right?

Oh, and can’t forget about these questions: Will Jane Chapman and Corey Brockfield get into a serious relationship? How is Renata Klein going to recover after her husband’s bankruptcy and infidelity? She’s divorcing Gordon, right?

Yes, none of those plotlines can even compare to the Season 1 cliffhanger, but fans are invested in these characters. If Big Little Lies returns for Season 3, people would definitely watch.

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