Cheeky dachshund puppies leave living room covered in flour as owner pops out

Having a puppy can be like having a newborn baby – often being as demanding as one.

With that being said, leaving new pups by themselves was a risk this one dog owner was willing to take.

Reddit user @jackiebowen took to the social media site to share what her cheeky dachshund's had been up to after she left them alone for an hour.

In the clip the floppy-eared pups can be seen frolicking around in some corn flour – which left an absolute mess to come home to for the original poster!

They captioned the video that was shared in the post, “This is what happens when you leave two mini dachshund puppies alone for an hour and forget to move the corn flour.”

The cheeky pooches can be seen wagging their tails delighted at the mayhem they have caused their human friend.

There's a trail of flour footprints and flour stained mouths as evidence.

Despite the naughty actions taken by the pups, people quickly rushed to the comment section to express their love for the cute dachshunds.

One user commented: “As upset as I'd be over having to clean up, this is utterly adorable”

Another person said: “The little flour footprints are freaking adorable though!”

A third user added: “The good boys were trying to make you something.”

While another commented: “Sorry about the mess on your hands, but seeing their joy in their little playground is the cutest thing I've ever seen.”

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