Chrissy Teigen Is Being Mom-Shamed for Her Daughter Luna's Pedicure

In this round of Chrissy Teigen vs. the mom-shamers, the score is in her favor. 

By now, Teigen is a pro at dealing with online parenting criticism, and, this time around, she pulled no punches with her response. Over the weekend, the mom of two shared a video of her daughter Luna watching Sesame Street with freshly-painted hot pink toes. "Doing her nails is my knitting. Kid toes kill me!,” she tweeted alongside the clip. 

It didn't take long before one critic complained that Luna, 3, was too young to be exposed to the dangerous chemicals in nail polish. “Applying poisonous chemicals directly onto a child’s body can not be good," the user wrote. "Whatever poisons are in polish are absorbed through the nail and directly into their body.”

Chrissy's response? “Well I actually had her drink it so joke’s on you,” she joked.

While Teigen can handle her own when it comes to taking on the mommy-shamers, her husband John Legend wishes that the critics at least spread their hate between both of them, rather than laying on his wife specifically. (Though we're sure both would agree that parent-shaming of any kind isn't great.)

“On our first date after Luna was born, everyone critiqued [Teigen],” he told Us Weekly earlier this month. “‘Why are you going out two weeks after your baby was born?’ But they didn’t critique me. I spoke out about it then. She spoke about it. I think hopefully people are learning that Chrissy and I are a partnership and if you’re going to parent shame us, do it to us as a partnership.”

It's alright, John. Chrissy's got this. 

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