Everything You Need to Know About the Star Tarot Card

Sweet relief! Has life been feeling like an epic disaster lately? The appearance of the Star tarot card is a welcome reprieve from the challenges you’ve been facing. In the Major Arcana, the Star follows the fiery destruction of the Tower. With its soothing energy, it arrives to remind you that everything will be okay (because hello, it always is!). When you draw this card, remain optimistic as you embrace faith in the universe as well as yourself. Remember that you are picking up the pieces and healing. This process is not linear, and you do not need to know the ending of this story just yet—but trust that your circumstances are improving. You are making your way on your own journey.

The Star Keywords

Inspiration, hope, healing, renewal, peace, blessings from the universe

The Star Upright

What comes next? After a turbulent, disruptive period of time in your life, the Star offers hope for a better future. You’re already noticing glimpses of improvements! The glass is half full, and everything is shimmering a little brighter. It feels good to be here! Inspiration is abundant, and the possibilities that lay before you are endless. All you have to do is have faith in your abilities and choose the next journey you wish to embark upon. You are making your dreams come true. Keep going!

This is a period of peace, calm, and stability as you dig deeper to heal old wounds and get to know yourself on a more profound level. This is a time of personal growth, greater self-love, and acceptance of your scars. Let the bright light of the Star guide you, and keep your heart open as this healing journey unfolds. You are not in this alone! Welcome the help that is offered to you along the way, and pay it forward to others as well. As we heal ourselves individually, we all heal collectively. The Star reminds us of our capacity to give and the generosity of our spirit, even in hard times.

The Star Reversed

Don’t lose hope yet, bb! Yes, life has been very hard lately, and you are feeling the crushing weight of major disappointments, unfulfilled dreams gone askew, and epically bad fortunes. HOWEVER, in our darkest moments, we are still reminded that all is not lost. What can you learn from these challenges? What can you learn about your own strength during hardships? You can turn this ship around! You will come out of this with a stronger sense of yourself and your life’s purpose. This is your opportunity to rebuild and create something new. Count your blessings, think positively, and muster up your inner strength in order to keep going forward.

Feeling uninspired and burdened by stress? The Star Reversed reminds you to slow down and seek stillness. Focus on self-care and replenishing your energy. Have faith that your motivation will return once you feel rejuvenated. In the meantime, seek ways to nourish your soul and reconnect to your greater purpose. Everything else will fall into place in due time.

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