Hilarious gallery reveals the MOST amusing reviews written on Amazon

Amazon reviews that are REALLY worth reading! Shoppers share their hilariously honest feedback – from leggings that survived a skid down a slope to eyeliner that stayed on during a tearful break-up

  • Bored Panda shared hilariously honest Amazon reviews from around the world 
  • One person praised an illuminated collar for making it easy to spot his alpaca  
  • Another didn’t hear an intruder because of noise cancelling headphones 

Customer reviews can be seriously helpful when it comes to deciding whether a product is worth buying online, but very few are as honest – or funny – as these.  

Bored Panda rounded up some of the hilariously honest reviews shared on Amazon by shoppers from around the world, including a woman who gave a pair of leggings five stars after they didn’t rip when she tumbled down a slope. 

Another satisfied customer revealed they were finally able to find their ‘stealth alpaca’ thanks to a glow-in-the-dark band.  

Elsewhere, a woman shared a photograph of herself inside a box for her cats as she gushed about being impressed by its size.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best… 

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of the funniest product reviews left on Amazon – including a reviewer from the US who didn’t hear an intruder in their building because of the ‘best noise cancelling headphones’

One person who lives in America, penned a very detailed post about being able to find their alpaca thanks to an illuminated collar 

Another individual said they will be reordering their leggings in every colour, after successfully sliding down a mountain without ripping their current pair 

A woman who was impressed with the size of a box she bought for her two cats shared a snap of herself inside the cage 

An American woman gushed about an eyeliner that allowed her to cry without running and dubbed it more ‘trustworthy than a man’

Another person who lives in the US gave a one star review to an item that has one small hole located on their forehead 

A reviewer who lives in the UK, gushed that a spoon they purchased hasn’t failed to do anything expected of it 

One person from the US advised others not to purchase a weighted blanket because it’s ruined his marriage 

Another person from the UK claimed classic book ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People’ doesn’t work because everyone still hates them

An anonymous person who purchased The Wolf of Wall Street was left disappointed after mistaking it for a wildlife documentary 

One person from the US gave a computer mouse five stars after it saved his relationship with its quiet clicking sound 

Another individual received a blunt reply after asking a seller if they’re able to hear feathers moving when using the pillow 

An anonymous man who wanted to use his VR headset without distracting co-workers, shared a photograph of the eyes he stuck on the device 

Another person challenged others to put their mattress pad through a more rigorous test than child birth, after being amazed by how easy it is to clean 

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