‘I was called into HR for refusing to call my boss his real name while at work’

An office worker was left confused this week after she was reported to HR for refusing to use her colleague’s full names.

While we all know office politics can be messy she was surprised to be called out on the behaviour – and posted on Reddit to ask for advice.

She explained the situation and lots of people decided that she was in the right and urged her to fight against any penalty, reports the Mirror.

The woman explained: "I have the sort of name that has several common shortened versions – think Samantha/Sammy/Sam.

"And my entire life, people have insisted on being too familiar and shortening it against my wishes.

“I only ever introduce myself as ‘Samantha’, sign off all my emails as Samantha, and insist on it when people ask what I prefer.

"I think Sammy is too young-sounding for me, and growing up I knew another Sam who was a real piece of work, so I hate being called by that name."

To her annoyance, her co-workers often shortened her name despite her correcting them.

She continued: "I’ve only won the battle with one person, who took the hint after I started calling him Jonathan instead of his preferred Jon.

"He asked if he was in trouble since only his mother calls him Jonathan, and I told him that I thought we were playing a game of getting each other’s names wrong… He now calls me the right name, so success!"

She then decided to try the same tactic on her manager who frequently called her Sam.

The woman wrote: "His name is Richard, so I’ve been casually calling him D*ck all week. It’s a valid shortened version of his name. And when he’s objected, I’ve reminded him that I’m Samantha and not Sam.

"I had such high hopes for progress… but instead I’ve earned myself a meeting with HR. "

Reddit users warned her to stick to her guns in the meeting.

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One person said: "Be factual and concise with your story to HR. Ask why it's OK for him to shorten your name, but you can't shorten his.

"Take all emotions out of it. My guess is he's spun this to where you're "calling him A d*ck", and not just calling him D*ck."

While another noted: "If you drop in the words: ‘toxic workspace’ ‘calling me inappropriate names in a manner calculated to annoy’ and ‘hostile work environment’ while you explain your point of view, I predict you will have a more favourable outcome."

But, not everyone agreed with her.

One said: "I have a similar problem with people shortening my name but I would never be dumb enough to call a manager in my company “D*ck” no matter if it is a legitimate nickname from way back when.

"Choosing an insult-related version of his name was deliberately provocative.”

Who do you think is in the wrong? Tell us in the comments…

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