Model Chloe Saxon shows off nose job – and admits she wants bigger boobs next

Model Chloe Saxon is known for her love of surgery.

And the OnlyFans and Instagram star has revealed her latest operation this week by revealing she's had a new nose job done.

Chloe took to her Instagram story to tell her 1.1million followers about her latest op.

The brunette beauty, from Manchester, was seen with a bandage over her nose after having the surgery done at the weekend.

She told fans that she got the surgery despite people 'telling her she didn't need it'.

Chloe also showed off before and after pictures that she'd been given already, calling the results "amazing".

Addressing fans, she said: "I know my nose wasn't terrible before, and I know everyone said I shouldn't get it done, but for me, the after pictures are just amazing, so it's so worth it.

"I'm so glad I didn't listen to anyone."

The model, who says she had a previous nose job in the past, admitted that she wasn't going to post about her latest op.

However, she then decided to as she has 'always been honest about her surgery'.

She revealed that she would be recovering from the surgery for around six weeks though.

One fan asked if she would be taking a break from her OnlyFans page due to the surgery, however Chloe reassured them she had a backlog of sexy snaps and videos to post on there while she was healing.

Chloe's nose job revelation comes after she admitted she wants bigger boobs in an Instagram Q&A last week.

During the session, one fan asked about her boob job, as they probed: "What size cc do you have in your chest? And did you put them above or below the muscle?"

The brunette beauty replied: "475cc above the muscle, but I need them doing again soon. Maybe a little bigger."

And that wasn't the only surgery she discussed with her fans.

Many were also eager to know about her curvy rear, with Chloe previously revealing she has bum fillers.

Asked if she was done with fillers in her booty now, Chloe exclaimed: "Never".

She also revealed she's had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in the past, as fans asked her if she'd try it out.

However, she admitted she likes to stick to fillers these days.

"I've had a BBL, they aren't permanent either," she said.

"Unless you have loads of fat (which I don't), it's pointless. Fillers are my only option."

She added: "If fillers were a thing a few years ago, I would never have had BBL or implants."

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