Office worker pens passive aggressive note – but receives brutal reply

Gone are the days of office work for many.

Sneaky kitchen chats and workplace banter are seen as a relic of the past for those who now work from home.

To remind themselves of the ‘joys’ of working in an office, this one person had a long scroll through their phone.

Having been reminiscent of working among others in an office, the original poster scrolled through their camera roll from seven years ago.

And quickly came across an office war that broke out because of a broken yellow bowl.

Ah, yes.

Nothing says conflict more than damaged dinnerware.

But of course, no British fight is fought without passive aggression.

So the owner of the bowl, Tim, wrote a rather rowdy note for all the office to see.

Taking to Reddit to share the passive aggressive note, the original poster titled the post: “I miss the joys of sharing an office kitchen with other companies.”

Attached to the post is a snap of the infamous broken bowl and a rather hot-headed note from Tim which read: “Notice, whoever put this bowl in the bin and broke it come to room 604 and explain to Tim your motives!!”

Not ending their tirade there, Tim ended the note and said: “If you have any courage that is!”

But, Tim’s passive aggression did not scare off the rest of the office.

Hilariously, someone else managed to scrawl a note at the bottom in response to Tim’s demands.

It read: “Stop leaving your s*** everywhere it’s not an extension of your office.”

Overwhelmingly, people took the side of the office bowl breaker and so took to the comments to defend the original poster.

One person commented: “I'd love to know if Tim genuinely thinks that someone put the bowl in the bin first then broke it.”

Another user added: “She's right, a cafeteria is to be kept clean at all times, any mess goes right in the bin.”

While a third user voiced: “This teaches a valuable yet tidy lesson to whoever struggles with cleaning up after themselves.”

Someone else suggested: “I would break it into smaller pieces and put those pieces back in that spot.”

However, one person took the side of Tim.

They said: “On the d***head scale throwing some else's stuff in the bin is way worse than leaving a bowl on the side.”

Let us know in the comments who’s side you would be on!

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