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CELEBRITIES are used to private planes and five-star hotels, but for some stars the only way to relax is on a good, old-fashioned caravan holiday.

From a Wimbledon star to acting royalty, these celebrities love nothing more than pitching up in their vans.

Annabel Croft

Former Wimbledon star Annabel Croft and her husband Mel Coleman recently transformed a bog-standard white van into their dream holiday home.

The couple spent three months and £12,000 converting the Mercedes Sprinter van, which they purchased for £13,500.

Since the renovation, Annabel and her husband have explored the lengths and breadths of the UK including the Isle of Wight, Snowdonia, Suffolk and Norfolk.

She said: "I love walking and just not being tied to anything, and heading off to visit the local area – it's so freeing.

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"We try and do two activities per day when we're away, so we might go for a walk in the morning and then a visit to a castle or a country home in the afternoon followed by a drink at the pub."

The pair have plenty more caravan holidays on the cards for next year too.

Carol Vorderman

Earlier this year, the former countdown presenter unveiled her new motorhome on Instagram.

The MAN TGE van is a plush affair with a double bed, house plants, white panelled walls, a log burner and a miniature kitchen complete with a gas stove and wooden counter to cook on.

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There's also a projector which is screened onto the campervan's door, a hammock, a skylight and even a roof terrace with benches. 

In a post showcasing her home on wheels, she said: "We are gonna [sic] have lots of adventures if you wanna come with me on here."

Lorraine Kelly

Over 10 years ago, the TV presenter was voted the ideal celebrity holiday companion by caravan users, and for a very good reason.

The Scottish television host is a self-confessed caravan enthusiast.

She said: "The great thing about going round in a caravan is that you see so much more.

"It’s the freedom of the open road which really attracts me."

Helen Baxendale

British actress Helen found fame as Emily in the TV shows Cold Feet, Friends, and more recently success as Lorna in Cuckoo.

Despite her career in Hollywood, Helen hasn't betrayed her British seaside routes.

According to the Telegraph, Helen's perfect holiday is a trip in a camper van.

She said: "I stay in so many hotels when I’m working that I never stay in them on holiday: they make me feel locked in. 

"I much prefer camping or a caravan – a camper van and the open road.

"I just love the feeling of 'We’re off!' I had a lot of caravanning holidays when I was young with my parents and have very happy memories, and this is me trying to replicate that."

Jamie Oliver

In 2000, Jamie Oliver bought a 1959 split screen 23-window Samba after it underwent a full restoration, which included an £8,500 upgrade of the van's sound system.

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While the TV chef is said to have sold the van in 2017, Jamie and his wife Jools have enjoyed many family holidays in their mobile homes.

Meanwhile across the pond, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey loves using his trailer to take some time out and unwind in Malibu, while Dame Helen Mirren loves hitting the roads in her motorhome.

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